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1st Tambourine Bay Sea Scouts

GWS Jamborette 2003 Page 1

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The Greater Western Sydney Jamborette was held at Bents Basin, from the 7th to 9th of June.  We had 11 Scouts & 2 Leaders attend this action packed weekend.

Saturday Morning
With more than a thousand campers, our choise of campsite made the ocean look flat!

Saturday Afternoon
The Scouts participated in many different fun activities.

Saturday Afternoon
With good construction skills, some chellenges were a breeze.

Saturday Morning
The Scouts showed great skills in putting up all the tents.

Saturday Afternoon
Toby the gentle giant is thinking, "I wish I was 1 foot tall right now..."

Saturday Afternoon
With Jack as Deputy PL, the Patrol cruised through many bases.

Saturday Night
Either it's very cold, or Richard is cooking imaginary food?

Saturday Night
Sock wrestling is a must do activity whenever Tambo are camping!

Sunday Morning
Sarah met every challenge with a smile...

Saturday Night
Penny & Sarah enjoy a night outdoors with friends.

Sunday Morning
The Tambo Troop in front of our gateway, just before it almost colapsed.

Sunday Afternoon
The Patrols worked best when they worked as a team.