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1st Tambourine Bay Sea Scouts
Tambo Ski Trip 2002
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Smiggins Holes &
Perisher Valley
23rd to 25th August, 2002

This year we plan to go independent of the Sydney North Group and go it alone.  This does mean we need exact numbers (16 Adults + 32 Children/Youth adults).  This also means that you need to respond quickly and that if we don't get the numbers we may need to pull out.  Base cost is $190.  We will be staying at Nettin Chalet in Jindabyne (website link below).
Activity Notification Part III: MUST be completed for ALL participants (including parents). To be given to the Tour Leader (Jason Nielsen SL) before departure. Any person turning up at the coach whether Scout or non-scout without a completed form will not be allowed on the coach.  Parents of Cub age or younger will be entirely responsible for their children.

Transport: Pick-up is Friday 6:30pm (6:45pm departure!), location is T.B.A.
Drop-off is Sunday 11:30pm with a phone around on the Sunday night, location is T.B.A.

Clothing: No uniform, Scout scarf only. Ski hire is with Snowline.
Macquarie Sports Scene offers Scouts discounts. St. Vincents DePaul and the Salvation Army shops may have 2nd hand gear. Dont use Rebel hire (Jindabyne pick-up). Have ski clothing with you when leaving Sydney, we will not have any time to pick-up gear after we board the coach.

For more information visit these websites:
Perisher Ski Fields

Should you have any questions please contact our Tour Leader, Jason Nielsen (SL).